DIY Fringe Jeans!

Honestly, all the cute jean trends that are happening right now makes my heart skip. I am absolutely in love with the trend of Fringe Jeans.

So I couldn’t pass up a chance to make a pair of fringe jeans. There are many options online to purchase but what fun is that? 

So after shopping, I found this cute pair of Sonoma jeans at the thrift store for $5! Can you believe it? Such a steal. When I came across this cut pair, they screamed to be turned into my DIY project! 

After getting the jeans, I made a line across the top of where the finge will stop with chalk. Then grabbed a pair of sharp scissors, and started cutting 1/4 inch strips in the jeans leaving the hem intact. Make sure to do both legs of the jeans, with the same size of fringe cut. 

After a quick wash, here is the end result! I’m totally in love and can’t stop wearing them!

Happy DIYing my Fashionistas! 


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